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The diversity and extent of Suffolk Wildlife Trust's work to protect the county's wildlife and habitats is only made possible through the commitment of over 1000 active volunteers who support all areas of our work. Volunteers keep the Trust at the heart of communities throughout Suffolk and help to ensure that we are a genuinely local and representative organisation.

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We have volunteers of all ages and backgrounds, and such a range of tasks and activities that there is something to suit everyone - from helping with school groups to organising fundraising events, from making cups of tea to cutting birch on the Sandlings heaths! Since the introduction of the National Lottery, the input of volunteers now also supports project activity financially through match funding 'in kind'.

Volunteers are the backbone of the Trust. We think of ourselves as a volunteer organisation, with paid workers. Your support as a volunteer will help to significantly increase the amount, range and geographical spread of activity the Trust is able to undertake. The impact of volunteers like you can be gauged by considering that the Trust has over 30 active volunteers for each member of paid staff!

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