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TM 422748


26.25 hectares (65.6 acres)


Wenhaston village

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Dry & firm

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Wenhaston Commons

“There’s no better way to spend an afternoon than exploring the
rolling heaths and commons of Wenhaston, especially when gorse
and the first flowering heathers are ablaze.”

The five small interconnecting heaths of Wenhaston Commons include Blackheath, Mill Heath, Church Common, Bickers Heath and Blowers Common. The picturesque and quiet character of these sites belies the fact that, on closer inspection, they are teaming with wildlife.

During spring and early summer nightingale song drifts over the heaths. There is the stunning sight of bell heather and coconut-scented yellow gorse in bloom in mid June. In August amethyst shades of ling colour the scene.

Harebell, wood sage and heath bedstraw are amongst the wild flowers to be seen at Mill Heath. Tangles of honeysuckle, bramble and gorse characterise Blackheath whose ancient dew pond holds great- crested newt – best viewed by torchlight at night.

The Commons’ many butterfly include the rare silver-studded blue. Lizard and slow worm, which being shy creatures will usually make off quickly as you approach, bask in sheltered sun traps and large, bright green tiger beetle scuttle haphazardly over the rough ground.

bell heather tiger beetle
Silver-studded blue butterfly
Bell heather
Bell heather is the first flowering of all the heathers Long legged green tiger beetle are fast runners that fly off noisily if disturbed  

Woodlark, whose stockier build and jerkier movements distinguish it from its skylark cousin, are also a speciality.

Wenhaston Commons are managed through a partnership between Suffolk Wildlife Trust, Suffolk Coastal District Council, a private owner and the Wenhaston Commons Management Group.

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