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Staying safe - health and safety advice for teachers

Whilst all our education sites have indoor facilities and are well equipped for outdoor activities, preparing your group for their visit can help to enhance the enjoyment and safety of their visit.

You are advised to carry out a preliminary visit to the centre if it is unfamiliar to you and to undertake all the necessary health and safety checks required by your school guidelines.

Please ensure that children come suitably dressed for outdoor activities. Strong shoes or wellingtons and warm waterproof clothing are essential for much of the year. Sun hats and protective cream are advisable for the summer.

Please make staff aware at the start of the day of children with relevant medical conditions eg allergy to bee stings, acute hayfever.

Accidents are rare - but all staff are trained first aiders and carry first aid kits for all activities. Full health and safety checks, including risk assessments are carried out for all activities and the team will make you aware on the day of how to minimise risks linked to any particular activity that your group undertakes.

We are regularly inspected by bodies such as the Health and Safety Executive and Suffolk County Council to ensure we are maintaining and developing our health and safety standards.

If you have any questions about Health and Safety or would like to comment on our existing provision please contact the Education Officer at the centre or the Education Manager at:

Suffolk Wildlife Trust
Brooke House

Tel: 01473 890089
Fax: 01473 890165

E mail:

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