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Visit a nature reserve

Suffolk Wildlife Trust's network of nature reserves are spread throughout the county. Each one is special in its own right, representing a unique fragment of Suffolk's wildlife habitats - from ancient woodland to flower-rich meadows, coastal shingle and valley fens.

Click on the map or list below to find out more about the wildlife and visitor facilities at each reserve.

Combs Wood Reserves Map

With the exception of just a few sites which are just too fragile to expose to numerous pairs of feet, all our reserves are open for you to visit. There is no cost to visit the reserves - they are Suffolk's natural heritage and there for everyone to enjoy. But we do hope that a visit to a reserve will inspire you to become a member of the Trust, to help maintain the reserves and the wildlife they support.

Accessibility for all - click for more information

Reserve Designation Key
V = Visitor Centre
E = Education centre

CWS - County Wildlife Site
A site of county wildlife importance identified by Suffolk Wildlife Trust and Suffolk County Council.

LNR - Local Nature Reserve
Sites of local importance for wildlife where there are opportunities for the public to learn about and enjoy wildlife. Established by local authorities and English Nature.

Natura 2000 site
Sites of European importance which host priority habitat types or priority species which are particularly at risk.

NNR - National Nature Reserve
National designation by English Nature for some of the UK's finest wildlife sites.

Ramsar Sites
Sites of international importance for wetland birds designated under the Ramsar convention.

SSSI - Site of Special Scientific Interest
A site of national importance identified by English Nature for its ecological or geological value.

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