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Sustainable education

Crop to shop and Footsteps of the Future

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Crop to Shop

at Foxburrow Farm education centre, Melton, Woodbridge

Free transport available for the first 10 schools to book a Crop to Shop visit!!

Suffolk Wildlife Trust are offering KS2 and KS3 students the opportunity to learn about food, farming and wildlife and how they can work together through our Crop to Shop programme, funded by the Chadacre Agricultural Trust.

The students will study the crops grown at Foxburrow Farm and consider each stage of their production, from planting seeds top produce being sold in the shops.  There will be a focus on sustainability, with discussions about buying local foods instead of food that has travelled from across the world.

Bookings for Crop to Shop are being taken for summer and autumn 2009. The first 10 schools to apply will receive The Chadacre Agricultural Trust funding of up to £100 towards transport.

For more details about the Crop to Shop programme or to make a booking contact Jenny Kent, Education Officer at Foxburrow Farm on 01394 380113 or email


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Footsteps of the Future

An education for sustainability project available at all Suffolk Wildlife Trust centres

for Key Stage 2 & 3.


making solar boatsThis is an exciting education for sustainability programme working with young people to develop understanding of sustainable development and challenge them to apply ideas about living in a more sustainable way.

The day visit offers hands-on activities focussing on:

Renewable Resources – using solar panels and making solar boats. Measuring the power of the wind, using model wind turbines and making decisions about their location.

Water and Waste Management - A water challenge and water conservation game, finding out about water usage and saving water. Sorting your rubbish: recycling, composting and sustainability.

Food miles - where does your food come from? Look at country of origin, calculate food miles and compare carbon usage of different methods of travel. Plant a fruit or vegatable seed to reduce your food miles.

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For more information on our Footsteps of the Future programme or to book a visit contact:

Jenny Kent – Foxburrow Farm – 01394 380113
Cathy Smith – Redgrave and Lopham Fen – 01379 688333
Emma Kerridge – Lackford Lakes – 01284 728706
Oliver Moore – Carlton Marshes – 01502 564250


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