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Education centres and school visits

Download a pdf of our information leafletSuffolk Wildlife Trust has long recognised that people hold the key to the protection of the county's wildlife for the future. Our network of education centres and Wildlife Watch Clubs are working to ensure that young people are equipped to make informed decisions about the way they live their lives and the impact of their actions and lifestyle choices on the county's wildlife.

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Education activities

Our approach offers children and young people an opportunity to learn by experiencing Suffolk's wildlife and wild places first hand. It challenges them to think and make informed decisions about their own role in shaping their environment. By helping them gain the knowledge and skills to understand and care for the natural world we hope to sow a seed that will grow with them throughout their lives.

All activities at our centres work towards your National Curriculum requirements and are planned in consultation with the class teacher. Students of all ages are abilities are catered for in a safe and friendly environment. Indoor facilities, with wheelchair access are available at all centres.


We offer additional support to teachers through training days and in-school projects, as well as assistance in setting up and running School Wildlife Watch clubs.

Choose a centre to visit
Click below for information about each of our centres and the activities and learning opportunities available.

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Further information to help you plan your visit

Centre address book

Booking your visit

Health and safety advice


Cost of visits

Visits to our centres are heavily subsidised by the Trust and other funding organisations to enable us to keep our charges to schools at an affordable level.

Please note, our prices will increase form 1st April 2009. Book your visit for the summer term before 1st April 2009 to recieve 2008 prices (as detailed below).




Nursery, primary and High School to Yr.10

£3.50 whole day
£2.50 half-day

£75 whole day
£50 half-day

GCSE (Yr.10-11)

£4 whole day
£3 half-day


AS/A level

£6 whole day
£4 half-day


Self taught



Activity days, EO’s, hol. clubs

£5 whole day (4hrs)
£3 half-day   (2hrs)

1½ hr. sessions £2.50

Other groups

£3.50, £2.50 half-day
(£30 min per half day)


Hire of centre

£50 LGD/FXB whole day
£60 LKD/RLF whole day
£30- LGD/FXB half-day
£40 – LKD/RLF half-day

No refreshments included.  Refreshments (3 drinks) £2.


£180, £100 half-day

+ centre hire (if applicable)

Lessons in schools

£150, £75 half-day

School grounds advice - 1 hour free and then £100 per day


Travel expenses only


Please contact our education team with general enquiries on 01473 890089.
For further information and bookings please contact the centre directly



Young people are at the heart of our vision for a Living Landscape for Suffolk

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