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Booking your visit to a Suffolk Wildlife Trust education centre

Booking is easy but best done as soon as possible. Summer dates in particular get booked very early.

Decide on where you would like to go and the sort of programme you are interested in.

Work out your ideal arrival and departure times to and from the centre and the number of people you are taking. In line with Suffolk County Council guidelines, we recommend a minimum ratio of: 4 and under - 1:6, 5-6year olds - 1:10, 7-10 year olds - 1:15, 11-18 year olds - 1:20.

Contact the centre/s of your choice to discuss your curriculum requirements.

Centres address book

The centre staff will then confirm your booking and final activity programme and send you masters of any worksheets needed for your school to photocopy. They will also advise you of anything special that you need to prepare for the day or information needed by your group.

Before the visit you are advised to carry out your own health and safety checks in line with the guidelines issued by your own school and by Suffolk County Council. Whilst our staff and volunteers plan and prepare a full day's activities for your group, they do not act 'in loco parentis'.

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