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Wildlife advice

In the last few decades Suffolk’s landscape has changed enormously.  Intensive farming, forestry, commerce and house building have swallowed up vast areas of what was once wild countryside. 

Suffolk Wildlife Trust believes that everyone should have access to local wildlife-rich areas.  The green spaces in a village are valuable not only for wildlife but in many other ways, as they can be an educational resource, provide space for recreation and relaxation.

For one-to-one advice a wildline advisor is available to take your call from 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday on 01473 890089. Or you can email your enquiry to

hedge planting


We have a range of factsheets covering habitats, species and wildlife gardening.


Local action for Suffolk's wildlife

Help broaden enthusiasm for local wild places - download a free action pack for your community.

county wildlife sites

 County Wildlife Sites

There are over 800 County Wildlife Sites throughout Suffolk.

private nature reserves

Private Nature Reserves

If you are looking for advice on a larger area of land we can offer one-to-one advice and on site management.

spotted fly catcher

Summer survey

Have you spotted a flycatcher?

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