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action pack
Local action for Suffolk's wildlife
- download an information packlarge pdf file

Suffolk Wildlife Trust's publication 'Local Action for Suffolk's Wildlife' is a comprehensive guide to surveying habitats and taking action in your local area.

If your spirits have ever been lifted by your local wildlife this pack is for you. If you are interested in trees, birds, bats, frogs, butterflies or water voles, or if you simply enjoy local walks, this pack will help you even more.

The pack includes a 40 page full colour booklet as well as surveys you can carry out at home.

We hope the pack will encourage people to;
Take a closer look at the wildlife in their local area
Find out more about what wildlife is where (and put it on record)
Find out about trends - is there a particular species increasing or declining?
Identify the wild areas and species that need most help
Bring people together to take action and to look after areas that need protecting
Broaden enthusiasm about wild spaces in Suffolk

The surveys in this pack will help you find and record local wildlife species and habitats. Many animals and plants lose their homes when habitats are destroyed by people who don't even know they are there. These surveys are the best possible starting point for practical conservation projects. By organising and participating in a local survey you can help protect Suffolk's wildlife for the future.

Please click and download a survey from the selection below

Coastal survey
|Garden Wildlife survey
|Grassland survey
|Heathland survey
Open water survey
Woodland survey

For more information to help carry out your survey please see the Contact information

To ensure your surveys are carried out safely please download see our Risk assessment

For a small charge we can send you a pack in the post - please telephone 01473 890089 for more details.


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