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oka - wildline adviserMeet Oka Last,
Wildline Adviser at
Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Having been brought up in rural South West Ireland with dramatic landscapes, tourism, fishing and farming at the heart of the community I have been interested in wildlife from a young age. Fond childhood memories of exploring the countryside have led me to believe that it is important for us to cherish the natural world that surrounds us, so that future generations will enjoy it as much as I did. 

The great thing about being Wildline Adviser is that I get to talk to people and share my enthusiasm for wildlife with them. Wildline gets people thinking about what they can do for wildlife on their doorstep and provides the information they need to take action. People taking action for wildlife always starts with doing the little things - leaving areas of long grass, putting up a bird nest box or using (home made!) peat-free compost.  Little things that people can do in their garden are very important because gardens form part of a patchwork of habitats which act as corridors for wildlife to move through.

When habitats are managed for wildlife; gardens, community spaces and pieces of land link together to become vital refuges for wildlife.  Wildline is about helping people and wildlife live together and about people taking action to protect and enhance the wildlife in their community. We still have many areas of valuable wildlife habitat scattered across Suffolk, but it is not just nature reserves that are important. In every parish there are areas such as village greens, churchyards, allotments, village ponds, green lanes and gardens that are a haven for many species. 

With appropriate management, some areas can be made even more valuable. Taking local action for wildlife will help broaden enthusiasm for local wild places, bring communities together and have fun in the process - all in the knowing that your support will protect wildlife for the future. 

Suffolk Wildline

The Suffolk Wildline was established in 2000 to be the first point of contact for wildlife enquiries in Suffolk. Be it a phone call, email or simply looking for resources on our website, we aim to offer comprehensive advice on many topcs, including:

ladybird Gardening for wildlife

ladybird Habitat advice

ladybird Identification of wildlife

ladybird Observations/sightings

ladybird What to do if you find an animal

ladybird Wildine FAQs

ladybird Community newsletter

Wildline also provides a link with other advice offered by SWT such as: 

If you cannot find the information you need please contact Wildline:

telephone 01473 890089 (Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm)






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